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Developing Products and User Interactions

Learn about new product development, human factors in product design and user experience in this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
Product Design and User Interaction is a free online course that teaches you the essentials of product design and innovation to ensure improved user-product interaction. Learn about ergonomic principles from anthropometry and biomechanics, including factors affecting body dimensions and postural requirements. Study the models for product prototyping and usability testing. Begin this course and take your product design skills to the next level!
Developing Products and User Interactions
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    5-6 Hours
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A successful product designer must consider human factors to optimize the user experience, including safety, comfort, and quality of life. This free online course on new product development will teach you about the elements of physical ergonomics and prototyping to improve user-product interaction. This course illustrates the relevance of human factors, concept evaluation, along with product prototyping for effective product design and user interaction.

The course begins with a discussion of the man-machine-environment system and the domains of ergonomics. Furthermore, you will study the factors affecting body dimensions and postural requirements. Then, you will discuss the creative techniques and tools for concept generation and evaluation. You will then study the physical models and safety guidelines in the product prototyping process. Finally, you will analyze the factors of usability and the product personality assessment.

This free online course on the new product development process will help you understand the role of human factors in ensuring a compatible and effective product design. This course will be of great interest to manufacturers, entrepreneurs, employees, students, and anyone with an interest in understanding the essentials of product design as well as great product user experience. So, check out this course today and improve your knowledge of strategy to design and create successful products.

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