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Dental Assistant Fundamentals

In this free online course, learn about the career path, roles and duties of a dental assistant in a dental office.

Publisher: One Education
Looking to become a dental aide? Are you curious about the day-to-day activities of a dental assistant? This course will introduce you to the interpersonal skills, functionalities, roles and responsibilities of a dental assistant in a dental office. You will gain an understanding of some dental procedures such as teeth whitening and infection control. Various dental terminologies and instruments will also be examined.
Dental Assistant Fundamentals
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A dental assistant is a member of a dental team who contributes immensely to the team delivering dental treatment and services. During dental operations, the dental assistant aids dentists or other dental auxiliaries by providing the dental operator with the proper dental procedure instrument to give efficient dental care. The function of a dental assistant extends beyond just delivering the dental operator tools during procedures. By studying this course, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the role and responsibilities of a dental assistant as well as the career path, skills and education required for this profession. Basic knowledge of dental terminologies and instruments is necessary to support dental operators or other dental auxiliaries during procedures. 

Dental office management relies on the teamwork of several professionals who manage patients, beginning with their first office visit. It is essential to have an efficient system for scheduling, billing, medical records and other facets of modern dental care to ensure that patients will continue with the same dental office for years. In light of this, we examine how to efficiently manage a dental office to help you run it smoothly. Working in an oral health care setting requires you to be intelligent and diligent and will require you to avoid attires that will reduce your functionalities in the dental office. We explore the professional way to dress, so you contribute to delivering effective dental treatment and services.

Next, we guide you on performing infection control to reduce the number of microorganisms and infections in an oral health setting. Furthermore, we will illustrate some dental surgical equipment and how to sterilise the equipment. We outline how to file records of patients, equipment and dental supplies. We explore the types of radiation exposure common in an oral health setting. Learn about radiology as well as paediatric dentistry. No prior knowledge is necessary and we have designed this course for anyone who wishes to become a dental assistant in oral health practice. Would you like to work alongside a dentist? Then enrol and start this course today.

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