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Data Visualization in Excel: All Excel Charts and Graphs

Learn how to use all Excel charts and graphs to correctly visualize and represent data in this free online course.

Publisher: Start-Tech Academy
Learn how to master Excel and use it to its full capacity in this free online course on data visualization in Excel. The most reliable practices on using charts and graphs in Excel are revealed, and you will be taught how to combine them for different visualization strategies. This course is for those wanting to increase their basic understanding of Excel and those wishing to improve their data illustration and visualization techniques.
Data Visualization in Excel: All Excel Charts and Graphs
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Would you like to know which techniques are best used in Excel to communicate data clearly and effectively? In this course on Data Visualization in Excel, you will study the fundamentals of Excel charts and graphs. You will investigate how to use the tools provided within Excel to represent data graphically concisely and logically. These tools will help captivate your audience to see the meaning behind the numbers and make comparisons and trends easier to recognise and illustrate. This course will teach you how to convey a message efficiently and tell a story using graphing techniques and principles. It will break down each of the graph and chart types, explaining their use and the importance of the basic principles that need to be adopted to visualise and illustrate the graphs accurately. At first, you will be given a general introduction to what graphs are and why charts are used. You will tackle the best methods to convey various messages using charts, the elements of charts and the easiest way to construct them. You will describe the best utilities of graphs and the optimal practices needed to display the data required to be conveyed correctly.

Beginning with bar and column charts, you will learn the key characteristics that distinguish the two from one another as well as how to utilize their differences for presentation before moving on to chart formatting. The course will also cover line charts and their features and illustrate how to avoid a common problem involved with using any line chart. This is called the spaghetti plot, which is a basic plotting error that occurs all too frequently. You will study area charts and how they differ from your more well-known line charts and learn to properly utilise them. The next topic will introduce pie and doughnut charts. These are a more commonly used chart type but there are some problems that are associated with them. This course explains why these charts are less effective than other forms and why you should avoid using them where you can. The scatter plot or XY chart is used in the scientific community more and allows for experiments to convey data precisely. It is also essential in the scientific community as you use it to identify “outliers” and anomalies.

Continuing the topic, you will study the Waterfall chart, which is primarily used in finance. Next, you will cover both combination and Pivot charts. You will learn how to create stock charts and how to read them at a basic level, Radar graphs and how these are represented, and learn the fundamentals of Surface charts and Heatmaps. Within each of these you will break down the characteristics of the chart or graph as well as its distinguishable features and unique uses. You will examine sparklines which is a type of mini chart, and examine infographics using excel charts. Within this course, you will have the opportunity to learn both exceptionally useful and common skills and learn important advancements in your graphical techniques to make your visualization and representational skills superior. This course is for anyone who deals with data on a continued basis in professional work and or education and would like to take their work to the next level. So why wait? Start this free online course today!

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