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Conservation of Heritage Sites

Learn about the different approaches to managing and rehabilitating historic preservation sites in this online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free course will explain the degrees and processes of intervention used for the preservation of cultural heritage sites. Learn about the vital role played by conservators in heritage conservation sites, and the codes of ethics and the rationalistic scientific approach used in the conservation theory for sustainable development. Gain a basic understanding of the processes of defining a world heritage site with this free course.
Conservation of Heritage Sites
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This free online course on the conservation of heritage sites explains in detail the processes and degrees of intervention used in the conservation of heritage sites and property. You will learn about the adaptive reuse of heritage sites and how experts determine when and how to adaptively reuse a heritage property. This course will particularly interest you if you want to find out why buildings are usually preserved by keeping them in use.

This heritage conservation course then explains the role of international organizations in the conservation and preservation of heritage sites around the world. You will learn about the criteria used for naming historic buildings as a world heritage list. You will also learn about the impact of world heritage conventions on heritage sites all over the world. This course further describes the challenges faced in the management of heritage sites all over the world.

This course then explains in detail the history of the three Indian sites listed by the world cultural heritage committee of UNESCO as a world heritage site. You will learn how the term "World Heritage" can only be used for those sites that are officially recognized and inscribed so by UNESCO and cannot be colloquially applied by anyone for any site. You will also learn about the three pillars of outstanding universal value for heritage centers.

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