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Conquering Your Fear of Public Speaking

Overcome the fear and anxiety of public speaking and improve your communication skills in this free online course.

Publisher: TJ Walker
Do you find the idea of speaking to a large audience scary? The good news is that you are not alone and you can easily overcome your fear of public speaking with practice. This public speaking course will teach you the phased process of identifying and eliminating your fears about public speaking where you will learn how to practice for a presentation in order to remove your flaws and make your message concise and interesting to your audience.
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You may have vast knowledge and experience in your field but if you lack good communication skills, you will most likely fail to spread your message and influence people. During a presentation, there are a few approaches you can employ to help you get through a speech with ease and confidence. You will learn how to effectively use a ‘cheat sheet’ in a speech to appear confident and authoritative and why avoiding too much data and message points in order to not lose the attention of your audience. Fewer message points allows an audience to more easily understand, remember and act upon your presentation and there are many techniques that you will learn in this course that will help narrow down and focus your message. PowerPoint is a widely used medium to help deliver speeches and presentations and you will also be taught how to avoid common mistakes in PowerPoint and put only the relevant data on your slides.

Since fear is a natural emotion, many people suffer from anxiety when facing an audience. Good communicators know how to keep their fears in check during a speech or presentation and these methods and tips are discussed; one in particular is by focusing exclusively on your audience. Some other myths around overcoming the fear of public speaking are addressed and debunked and there is a specific focus on the role confidence plays in speech delivery and eliminating anxiety. Practice is the next important theme (specifically practicing on video for the purposes of feedback), and this is critical to not only a successful presentation but it goes a long way in removing errors and refining your presentation. Often, the biggest difference between great communicators and bad ones, is the use of stories and storytelling for the purposes of emphasis. The course discusses the process of adding real, relevant stories to complement your main message to make it more understandable and memorable.

This course is designed for both new and professional public speakers who want to eliminate their fear of public speaking and improve their communication skills. Good communication skills are essential to spread your message and expand your client base. The fear of public speaking is a major barrier that keeps talented people from achieving their goals and reaching their potential. Fear is a natural emotion and most people are terrified by the thought of a presentation or speech since they don't know how to practice for their speech. So, by overcoming your fears and practicing the right way to improve your flaws, you can create a real competitive edge for yourself or your business. Not to mention how good communication skills are also helpful in your personal life and in general workplace settings. Enrol in this free online public speaking certification to improve your career, eliminate anxiety and ensure that your intended message hits home with your audience every single time.

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