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Computer Networking: Network Layer

In this online network layer course, learn about computer networking in the network layer of the TCP/IP protocol stack.

Publisher: NPTEL
In this free online network layer course, learn about computer networking, specifically the network layer in the protocol stack. The necessity of network addressing is explained, along with the benefits of using the software defined network layer. How you can populate the routing table will also be covered. Boost your computer networking knowledge and skills in network layer by studying this specialized network layer course.
Computer Networking: Network Layer
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In this free online network layer course, you are introduced to the world of computer networking particularly focusing on the network layer. You will explore the use of the network layer, the broad objective of the network layer, the importance of subnetting and supernetting in this network layer, and the benefits of using a software-defined network layer. Demonstrations, problems, examples, and assessment questions in this instructor-led video-based course are designed to provide you with a comprehensive foundation, which will enable you to take serious steps into understanding this section on the network layer protocol stack.

This network layer course begins by introducing you to the objectives and shortcomings of the network layer in computer networking. Then, the concept of IP addressing in the network layer is discussed to help you understand the importance of identifying the address, which is identifying a network layer as well as a host inside that network. You will explore the protocols used in the network layer and the variable-length subnet mask, which makes it possible to solve some IP allocation problems that cannot be solved with the fixed-length subnet mask.

The network layer course includes topics on autonomous systems, LAN, CIDR, network address translation, IPv6 Addressing, IP routers, router architecture, SDN architecture, OpenFlow, and more. This network layer course will be of interest to computer engineering students, networking and programming professionals, or those looking to enhance their career prospects in the network layer of the computer networking industry. Start this network layer course today.

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