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CLEP Pre-Calculus: Algebraic Basics

This free online course examines the basics of algebra, as well as the functions of linear equations and inequalities.

Publisher: ADU
Most times students taking algebra courses find themselves asking what use algebra problems has in their future careers, discipline or even life in general? This comes from the common misunderstanding of algebraic basics. Enrol in this free online course to properly learn the basics of algebra and how they tend to relate to fields that compare quantities in both theory and practice. What are you waiting for? Start your learning journey today!
CLEP Pre-Calculus: Algebraic Basics
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Learn how to solve basic algebra following proven simple step-by-step methods through the usage of operations including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Replace your textbooks with a better fundamental learning experience of algebra and its many applications in various industries like architecture, engineering, and even life sciences. You will understand the simpler ways of solving medium to advanced concepts related to pre-calculus. You will also get solutions to various sample problems through illustrations relating to real-life scenarios. Video walkthroughs in this course will help illustrate vital explanations for theories that are often considered difficult to understand by students and even professionals in the industry. Numbers are the building blocks of algebra often used to form elementary theories in business, finance, accounting, computing, and economics. These numbers are combined with variables to form different matrices used in studying the varying changes in product supply and demands in markets. 

Understand the fundamentals of algebra, one step at a time. Combine important lessons evaluating different types of fractions, numbers, equations, and inequalities to enhance your knowledge of crucial algebraic basics. Learners need this course to improve their chances of studying and understanding advanced calculus in the future. This is because, for instance, aspects of pre-calculus like imaginary and complex numbers are integral to the solutions of quadratic equations with roots that barely touch the x-axis of the cartesian plane. Why risk it and struggle with more advanced calculus lessons when you can enrol in this course and become an expert in the basics of algebra on successful completion? Capacitors, inductors, and other electronic components require physicists to generally make use of complex numbers. This is a characteristic of basic algebra discussed in this course. It is used for the easy representation of impedance without which Alternating Current (AC) circuits can not be properly analyzed.

Communication has always been an important part of human society. It is a requirement for everyday life and oftentimes necessary for our survival. In mathematics, algebra moulds the important communication method of relating various quantities, functions, and expressions through variables, numbers, and symbols. It also helps in the application of different mathematical operations. Pre-Calculus: Algebraic Basics is specially put together to put you through the building blocks of algebra in the easiest of ways. This covers various types of equations, inequalities, and common systems of equations. It is important for economics, physics, and mathematics students to take this course. It would help develop them in the evaluation and the proving of theories shaped by algebra in their respective fields. What are you waiting for? Begin your learning journey today and become a master of algebra basics today! 

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