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C Programming - Numbers, Variables and Arrays

Learn about the fundamentals of numbers, variables and arrays in the C Programming language from this free course.

Publisher: Advance Learning
This course will teach you the basics of numbers, variables and using an array in C programming. You will learn about signed and unsigned numbers, the basics of numeric overflow and ASCII as well as about the connection between function return values and variables.
C Programming - Numbers, Variables and Arrays
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This tutorial in C Programming begins by discussing the basics of signed and unsigned numbers before moving on to look at numeric overflow. Then you will learn the fundamentals of binary numbers, discuss fractional numbers and study numeric data types in C. You will also learn the basics of ASCII (American Standard Code For Information Interchange) and the CHAR data type, as well as how numbers are encoded as characters in ASCII.

Furthermore, you will master variables and their function in C before going on to explore the connection between function return values and variables. After that, the material takes you through terminating strings of text and other data when building in C, then delves into the printf function and gives you an overview of placeholders.

Finally, you will be learning about the arrays and pointers, looking at how to create a pointer in C, assigning a value to a pointer and getting the value stored at a memory address using a pointer. In this concise course on programming in C, you will build on your basic knowledge and move into more complex areas to form a deeper understanding of this useful programming language. 

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