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C++ Programming - Introduction to Array Operations

Learn about various array operations, representing textual data and function calls in C++, with this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
Master the skills needed to understand different array operations in C++, function calls and character strings for representing textual data. This free course will show you how to pass arrays to functions, use sorting algorithms, and harness arrays to solve the taxi dispatch and disk intersection problems in computer programming.
C++ Programming - Introduction to Array Operations
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‘C++ Programming - Introduction to Array Operations’ is a free online course that provides a comprehensive guide to using arrays for different computations and representing textual data in character strings in C++ computer programming. This course will teach you how to pass arrays to functions, use sorting algorithms and access elements.

Once you’ve covered these, the course content then includes histogram computations, integer division and the development of a simple program to illustrate the computation and variation. You will also learn about arrays for polynomial multiplication, solving the taxi dispatch problem, and a disc intersection problem. Then, you will discuss arrays of graphical objects, creating a program for canvas and turtles, and how the computer or C++ views arrays. Analyze how memory is allocated for an array and how to represent textual data, functions on character strings, and two-dimensional arrays. You will also take a look at command-line arguments, the binary search algorithm, and demo sessions. Finally, you will learn about the code for the mergesort (or merge sort) function and merging sequences.

This free online coding course provides an in-depth learning experience for advanced aspects of C++ with an effective guide to understanding array operations in C++. Programmers will gain credible and advanced knowledge, and an updated skill set in C++ programming by completing this useful C++ course, so register today!

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