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Diploma in C++ Intermediate

Learn the concepts of C++ object-orientated programming such as Data Structures and Pointers in this free online course.

Publisher: Workforce Academy Partnership
If you want to up your game in C++ and already have the basic knowledge of this popular programming language, then this free online C++ course is for you. The next level of C++ training includes basic concepts of object-oriented programming using C++, defining and implementing data structures and pointers, arrays and strings and their manipulation. Discover classes and structs, enums, and standard library string all with practical examples.
Diploma in C++ Intermediate
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The next chapter in your C++ programming learning provides a comprehensive guide to understanding the various concepts of object-oriented programming including: class, class library, member variable or instance, member methods, public, protected or private. The course consists of two modules which are Data Structure and Pointers, and Array and Strings and all their respective sub-topics. You will learn how to solve common problems in C++, how to create objects in codes and the automatic calls made when specific objects of classes are created. The basic syntax of functions that relates to C++, how to access fields of data structure variables and pointers are then covered along with key features of C++ classes. Here you will gain an understanding of class inheritance, composition, standard templates library, method overloading and overriding and generic programming which enables you to write a general algorithm that works with all data types. The course illustrates the use of templates to make classes and functions more reusable and adaptable and it also explains the concept of scope and the access specifiers keywords while distinguishing between the scoped and unscoped Enums.

This advanced C++ course moves on to get you started on writing codes in which the compilers can optimize to improve the performance using the inline functions. It explores the use of array notation and pointer notation to access elements of an array, array declaration and its characteristics. You will be able to implement typedef in defining a data structure and in assigning address values to pointers. Pointers and their uses are explained and specifically how to use lambda syntax for defining functions in a pointer.

This free online C++ Intermediate course is perfect for those who want to broaden their C++ knowledge and perform more intricate programming functions in this widely-used language. You should enrol if you have some skills in programming and/or C++ and want to refine these in order to open more career opportunities in programming.

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