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C++ Data Structures and Programs

This free C++ online course covers data structure-based programming as well as the first-order Euler method.

Publisher: NPTEL
Data structures and programs form the basis for C++ and ‘C++ Data Structures and Programs’ is a free online course that offers an in-depth understanding of data structure programming and several types of C++ classes. Master the technique of composing data structures and the ‘typedef statement’. You will also study developing medium-size programs for graphical editors and solving circuits.
C++ Data Structures and Programs
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This computer science course provides a comprehensive guide to data structures and the Euler method in C++ programming. It will teach you about the ‘ingredients’ needed for writing codes and developing medium-size programs for graphical editors. The material begins with a discussion on the implementation of standard library data structures, composing data structures, and ‘typedef’, an advanced statement in C++ that allows you to to create an alias or new name for an existing type or user defined type.

Next, you will study how to develop manual algorithms for new marks display as well as the main program. You will also learn about the vector components and functions of the RSM (resource standard metrics) entity. Then, you will discuss sophisticated solutions to marks display and analyze how to write a program that will be a graphical editor and solver for circuits, along with the class ‘Canvas’ content. Furthermore, the course will analyze the mathematical representation of the circuit and extensions, and ways of improving the program's appearance. You will also take a look at the first- and second-order methods and study the algorithm for the cosmological simulation based on them.

This free online course from Alison provides an in-depth learning experience for some advanced aspects of C++ with an effective guide to understanding data structures. If you want to improve your coding or programming skills with a versatile, general-purpose language, then mastering this free C++ course is a great step forward. Sign up today!

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