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C++ and Compiling C Programs to Assembly Language

Learn all you need to know about C++ and how C programs are compiled to assembly language from this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course on C++ and compiling C programs to assembly language can be of great help to students aspiring to be able to write simple and programs in C and also converting the program to assembly language. The course gives an insight on such required compilation steps like pre-compilation, actual compiler output and linking. Many other important topics are discussed in the course, so get started today.
C++ and Compiling C Programs to Assembly Language
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The course begins by introducing you to the steps involved in compiling a C program to assembly language. These steps are the pre-compilation, actual compiler output and linking.  You will also get to understand the concepts of prologue and epilogue in relation to how high-level function calls are translated into low-level assembly instructions.

The course then moves on to explain the common calling conventions in C and how variables are passed and assessed in the same C language. As the course progresses, C++ is introduced as a powerful object-oriented programming language. You will learn how to access the local variable in a C++ program and explain the significance of “ This Pointer” in C++

Finally, You will understand the significance of passing arguments to a function by analyzing what happens when a function is invoked with fewer arguments or with more number of arguments. You will aslo compare the significance of recursion and loops and then choose the better option to be used by programmers. Start this course today, and equip yourself with the knowledge of C++ and compiling C programs to assembly language.

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