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Business Ethics Decision-Making and Code of Conduct Fundamentals

Explore the application of ethical practices in business and the purpose of codes of conduct with our free online course

Publisher: Global Ethics, Inc
Could you be doing something unethical at work and not even know it? It's difficult to answer this question if you don't know the various moral codes used to make ethical choices. This course introduces you to foundational content and principles of ethics that all employees need to know, from labour to management. Discover how to choose the correct moral decisions by working through different scenarios to make your workplace an upstanding one!
Business Ethics Decision-Making and Code of Conduct Fundamentals
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Suppose every employee knows the difference between correct or incorrect choices and how to handle various ethical dilemmas. This knowledge is likely to produce a work environment where moral transgressors are held accountable for their actions, ultimately building a healthier workplace for all involved. The course will start by teaching you basic ethical principles. You will understand the role of character, integrity and work ethic on ethics. 

The second topic explores ethical decision-making skills and provides practical information to help employees understand business issues and equip them with practical skills for success. Ethics will be formally defined, and the presenter will discuss the sources of ethical dilemmas and the stakeholder's importance when addressing a problem. Explore the two steps you must accept if you want to be a moral agent. Next, you will study the difference between situational and not-so situational ethics. To conclude the topic, you will consider tests that you can do to help clarify if some action is ethical or not.

The final section covers all the basic code of conduct skills necessary for employability. You will begin to appreciate the significance of codes of conduct. Recognize how to prevent a conflict of interest and handle confidential information, intellectual property and business gifts. Finally, the presenter addresses the proper way to use communication systems and your responsibility regarding antitrust laws. So don't wait. This material will help you do your part in creating a more ethical workplace!

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