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Building Web Applications with Java Spring Boot

Learn a wide range of technologies in this free online course and become a more proficient Spring Boot developer.

Publisher: Niyazi Erdogan
Would you like to start a career as a Java developer or do you want to upskill to become a better developer and have more job opportunities? If you answered ‘yes’, this course would help you gain new in-demand I.T. expertise. You will learn the functionalities of essential frameworks such as Spring and Spring Boot and the most valuable tools to begin developing Spring MVC, Spring Data and Spring REST apps from the ground up.
Building Web Applications with Java Spring Boot
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Did you know that Spring is one of the most extensively used Java Enterprise Edition frameworks for developing apps? While the Spring framework concentrates on giving you flexibility, Spring Boot strives to reduce code length and simplify web application development. This course goes over both of these in great depth and explains how they operate. You'll learn about the benefits of Spring Boot, such as the ability to construct production-ready apps and the ability to generate and start your project with only an annotation. Then explore how to set up your development environment on Windows and MacOS by installing and configuring Java and IntelliJ IDEA.

Then discover how to use Spring Initializr to develop your first Spring Boot application and learn how to use start.Spring.IO to generate application templates and Maven to package your application. Explore Spring Boot's basics, including its two core principles: dependency injection and inversion of control. Explore the Spring Boot App's lifecycle architecture and how to customise it with an application.properties file. We explain how to create a Spring MVC application. You'll study resources, static content, what a template is and how to use the Thymeleaf template engine to turn files into XML files automatically. Next, investigate Spring Data and JPA and their implementation in an application. Study how to construct an entity and persist with it in an H2 database and a repository. We then cover the process of querying data with Spring Data and JPA.

The following section looks at the area of RESTful APIs and teaches you how to build your first RESTful API utilising HTTP requests to access and use data, HTTP Codes returned after queries and HTTP clients used for the requests. Discover how to restructure your REST API using GET, POST, PUT and DELETE methods and learn how to use annotations like Exception Handler and Controller Advice. Learn to implement HTTP requests with REST Template and Feign Client and design and deploy a Eureka Server. Develop a full-featured Spring MVC CRUD application with an attractive interface, bootstrap the app and create a navigation and index page with HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap. Lastly, you will discover Spring DevTools and LiveReload and their power of making changes to apps instantly while also observing them. We discuss Swagger's importance in documenting your RESTful API, Spring Actuator and Spring Scheduler and their functions. Spring Boot simplifies and accelerates the development of web applications.

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