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Build a Text-Based RPG With C++

Boost your career by developing your C++ programming skills as you build your very own RPG in this free online course.

Publisher: Zenva
Do you want to boost your career by developing your C++ programming skills? Are you interested in building your own RPG? Start your C++ journey today! Learn how to build a dungeon crawler type game from start to finish with this course. This course will take you through how the game is going to work and the steps to implement it. You will also learn how to organize project files which is important when you are working on large projects.
Build a Text-Based RPG With C++
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    4-5 Hours
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In this course, you will learn how to build a dungeon crawler type game from start to finish. Learn to build a C++ project from scratch. Lots of courses will teach you bits and pieces but this course will teach you the big picture from start to finish. You will learn to organize project files, which is important especially when you are working on projects with dozens of files. You will create custom classes that will help you in implementing various aspects of the game. Implement game logic, basically stuff like game loops – that makes decisions and runs constantly, updating the whole game. Also, learn to make decisions based on various game factors. At the end, create a text-based dungeon crawler game from scratch so there will be no GUI. The game created will just be kind of input-output text-related stuff.

This course requires you to have some amount of C++ experience because the language basics won’t be covered. It is assumed that you understand the basics of C++ and can launch right into the actual game development itself. Some experience with dungeon crawlers is an asset but not necessary because you will understand ahead of time exactly what you will be building. If you have never played the game before, do not worry, the first section of the course will kind of explain how everything will work. Visual Studio Code is a fantastic IDE that is recommended for you to use to write your code. Visual Studio Code is used in the course, and will basically be easier if you can follow along. You can learn more about C++ in general because everything in this course was geared towards building the game but of course, C++ has many different applications.

The topics covered in the course include the project discussion, which will go over how the game is going to work – such as the steps that will be taken to implement it. Then you will learn to build the item class. The next thing will be the game character class, building the room class, player class, and finally the dungeon class. The dungeon class is where most of the logical functionalities are going to go, most of the others are just there for data. Finally, what will be put all together in the main class will be running and debugging. There will likely be a couple of things that could be improved upon by the end. You will have a fully working and functional game and you will be shown all the steps in the course. Having completed the course, you will understand how to improve a game. The code can absolutely be made more efficient especially as the more you know C++, the more you will realize certain things can definitely be changed. You can add more levels to the dungeon, add more exciting things such as items, enemies, etc. Discover many ways to improve the game. Want to start building a C++ project? Sign up for this course today and learn how to build a dungeon crawler type game from start to finish!

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