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Bridal Makeup Workshop

Learn professional skills, tools and products for bridal makeup and strategies for business in this free online course.

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This free course will explore the professional skills, tools and products for bridal makeup. You will learn skin preparation, techniques for eye-makeup, and the romantic bridal look. Customer care service will also be discussed so you can grow your clientele. To succeed as a freelance business, you will learn how to set up your business structure, meet legal requirements and master the strategies to market your brand for success. enrol today!
Bridal Makeup Workshop
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    1.5-3 Hours
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When a bride makes her grand entrance, everyone turns to look at her. Often she’s a little bit nervous but no one can tell because she looks exquisite; her beautiful appearance looks effortless - her hairstyle, makeup, and dress. As a makeup artist, you can take pride in the skills and effort you put in to create such wonderful memories for your bride.  This free online course will teach you skills and show you tools you can use to become excellent at bridal makeup. The first topic will introduce the tools of the trade - the equipment and products you will need to work with including recommended brands. You will learn about skin preparation and the importance of completing makeup trials before the wedding day.

The next topic will go into details on how to apply eye shadow to the bride's eyes, including a step by step tutorial on creating the perfect smoky look for an autumn wedding; it will discuss how to best prepare the eyelid for a smoky look and then the ways to create that look using a variety of different colours and brushes. After you have mastered the art of a smoky eye, you will then move on to complete the rest of the bridal look. This involves learning all you can about the products used, including which brands are most recommended and which ones to avoid.  

The second module in the course will begin with lessons on customer service. Being the best makeup artist in your area can only take you so far, you need to hone your customer service skills to attract clients, retain them and get referrals. Lastly, the topic will discuss the practical side of running your own freelance business, including legal, tax and marketing considerations. You will also learn tips and techniques to use when trying to fill out your kit without breaking the bank or going into debt. Running your own freelance bridal makeup business can be an incredibly rewarding career. Like any freelance job, once you earn your reputation as an amazing stylist with highly sought-after skills, you can become incredibly successful. Start the free course today!

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