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Become Spiritually Confident

Take control of your emotions and gain spiritual and emotional confidence in this free online self-help course.

Publisher: Dr. Elisaveta Pavlova
Do you feel envious, resentful and even judgmental towards others? Do you struggle with confidence? It’s natural for people to sometimes feel weak and negative but if you often suffer such emotions, you should sign up for this free online course that teaches you how to turn such feelings around. We show you how to make peace with yourself, boost your self-esteem and practice self-care to create a lifestyle that matches your authentic nature.
Become Spiritually Confident
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People with a strong sense of self tend to set priorities and commit their time and energy to activities that are important to them. This free online course explains how to become more confident and assertive so you can become one of them. We begin with the role of self-awareness and acceptance as you learn how to get in touch with your ‘true’ self. This lets you harness your self-awareness to understand and tweak your behavioural patterns to enhance your life. We then examine ways to become more driven and happy while you learn to bring out your best. The course then explores the significant role of your peers and surroundings in defining your sense of self-worth.

We discuss self-reliance and how it can be attained by being assertive, self-motivated and capable of overcoming challenges. We then take you through the process of abandoning self-criticism and substituting it with ‘self-compassion’. The course analyzes gratitude, considering religious, spiritual and psychological interpretations. We show you the many positive effects of thankfulness: increased happiness, stronger self-control and improved physical and mental health. Importantly, we demonstrate how to implement it in your life as a skill like any other. This includes study of forgiveness and the benefits of removing old mental scars.

This free online course concludes with several definitions of ‘meaningful’ living. We help you to formulate beliefs that can make your existence more significant. We show you how to respect your feelings and determine what is important to you. We also explain why the verbs we use matter and how some of them, like 'find' and 'search', may set us up for failure while others can breed success. Gain confidence, make peace with your emotions and learn how to take control of your choices and motivations from an experienced professional counseling psychologist.

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