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Battery Technologies

Learn about battery technologies, maintenance, performance & safety precautions in this free online course

Publisher: ADU
This free online course will teach you about the science behind batteries and their function. We will take you through the different battery types and how they work. Learn about safety equipment and the safety precautions of battery technologies you need to know to guard against battery failure. You'll also learn about solar batteries, their components, and their benefits. So why wait? Power up your knowledge today!
Battery Technologies
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This free online course will introduce you to the concept of battery technologies and everything you need to know about these power sources. Have you ever wondered how a battery functions or what the making and construction of it entails? This course will teach you about the different essential components and models. You will learn about other principles and laws that apply to battery systems, such as Ohm's law and Faraday's first and second laws. You will acquire rudimentary knowledge of battery construction and other defining elements of batteries. Learn about the electrochemistry of batteries as well. We will discuss the various types and uses of batteries and cells, such as lead-acid batteries, alkaline batteries, Ni-CD batteries, lithium batteries, along with primary and secondary cells. We'll also explain concepts like dry cells, galvanic cells, Daniel cells, and half-cell potential.

Furthermore, this course delves into the different topics as it relates to battery performances. Do you know what alternative power is? Do you know the importance of batteries or care to find out how to maintain your batteries for effective performances? Find the answers to these questions as you progress in the course. You will learn about the importance of batteries, discover how better you can handle your batteries or cells for optimum results. We'll also explain the safety precautions required and a battery's lifecycle. Some of the key terms you will learn about are electromotive force, fuel cells, and humidifiers. We will explain how to watch out for warning signs of battery failure and the reasons for short circuits. Safety equipment and troubleshooting a battery are areas that are also adequately discussed. Next, we will introduce you to battery efficiencies, capacity ratings, as well as the concept of cells in series and in parallels.

Batteries are a significant source of power in today's world. Often, when you are required to power up a device or machinery, you rely on the capabilities of batteries. Understanding the underlying mechanism and related technologies of batteries is also an essential aspect of its use. This concise course on battery technologies will empower you to understand the mechanism of a battery and its related technologies. We also discuss the importance of a battery and the reasons why you need to adhere to all battery safety precautions. You will also learn what you need to do to avoid battery failure. This course especially highlights battery supplies in automobiles. Get abreast with all the important information you need to know about battery technologies, performances and maintenance. This course will be of great benefit to those studying and working in the electrical field.

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