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Arabic Alphabets: Letters Baa (ب) and Taa (ت)

Master the second (Baa ب) and third letters (Taa ت) of the Arabic alphabet with this free online course.

Publisher: Muhammad Elshanawy
Did you know that the Arabic alphabet is the second most used alphabetic system in the world after the Latin alphabet? The Arabic alphabet has twenty-eight letters and is always cursive. Arabic letters are written from right to left and can take on different forms depending on where they reside in the word. Start learning by exploring and mastering the Arabic letters Baa (ب) and Taa (ت), the second and third letters in the Arabic alphabet.
Arabic Alphabets: Letters Baa (ب) and Taa (ت)
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This course aims to introduce you to the second and third letters of the Arabic alphabet. It starts with presenting the letter Baa, the second letter in the Arabic alphabet. You will discover that the letter Baa sounds like B in English. Following that, you will study the letter Baa using both short and long vowels. We will also explain how to write the letter Baa with Tanween Fat7ah, Damah, and Kasrah.

Arabic letters can have four different forms corresponding to an initial, (middle), or final. You will learn how the letter Baa links to the letter before or after. The following section illustrates the third letter in the Arabic language, the letter Taa2. You will also explore the letter Taa2 with the short and long vowels, as well as Tanween. In addition, we will describe how the letter Taa2 varies depending on the position in the phrase.

The final section illustrates the notion of the letter bound Taa2. You will learn that it will always be at the end of a word, and it can have two sounds, English T or H. Also, we will explain the differences between Taa2 and Taa2 marbuta. So sign up for this course now and study the second and third letters of the Arabic alphabet.

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