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Applied Electricity

Enhance your knowledge about the key concepts and principles of electricity in this free online course on Alison.com

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No matter which field of life you choose to look at in today's world, it is dominated by the use of electricity. Understanding the key elements of the field of electricity will give you the necessary insight in order to develop a solid foundation and apply them properly. This free course will provide you with the right theories, elements, and analyses of electricity along with their application that will help you grasp the essential concepts.
Applied Electricity
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The physical phenomena of electricity is an extremely vast subject. Even though it is something that has become extremely common in today’s world, its evolution and development over the years is an entire field in itself. This online course will be taking you through some of the key aspects of electricity and its application. Do you know what sort of current is used in the batteries that we use? We start off our course with an explanation of alternate and direct current. Both these elements are the key part of alternate current theory. In addition, we will examine the use of A.C voltages and currents which are functioning all around us. The key terms such as waveforms, harmonics will be defined and the computation of average and RMS value will be looked at as we move along. Graphical representations and mathematical equations will be used to illustrate the concepts of form factor and amplitude. Phasor representation and power of AC circuits is a major part of electrical studies. The methodology used in the application of these concepts will be described for the understanding of the learner.

Have you ever wondered what are the key elements of the circuits that are around us are made up of? Or, what are the components of the batteries that we use? The answer to these questions is provided by the next section of the course which examines network elements. A look at some real examples and illustrations will be used in order to analyze elements like active and passive elements, bilateral and unilateral networks. The working of linear and lumped networks will also be discussed along with their examples to make the understanding much clearer for the learner. The conversion of a current source into a voltage source and vice versa are crucial electrical subjects. The theory and the methods used to carry out these procedures will be the next focus of attention. The understanding of important theorems and the analysis of mesh and nodes will be developed through some examples and demonstrations.

The final section of the course delves into the method of alternate current generation, transmission and distribution. The generation of three phase voltages and phase sequences will be described in detail. The analysis of three phase circuits with star and delta connections will be carried out in order to understand these concepts properly. Both balanced and unbalanced loads will be examined to develop a thorough understanding. All of these elements will be explained along with formula computation, key diagrams, and demonstrations so that the learner becomes crystal clear on their understanding. The concepts of electricity and its application are not just restricted to workplaces and experimentation labs. Rather, electricity is something that is impacting almost every aspect of our daily lives now. This free online course on Alison.com will be providing you with just the right material so that you can fully understand and grasp this subject properly. So don’t waste any further time and enroll now to develop your skills in applied electricity today!

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