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An Introduction to Customer Relationship in Management

This free online course teaches you how to find, manage and retain customers more effectively in order to boost profits.

Publisher: NPTEL
Learn how businesses can prosper by managing their customers strategically with this free online course. Such an approach benefits everyone so we show you how to keep customers satisfied while harnessing public creativity to find great ideas that can sustain a company’s upward trajectory. This course suits anyone who wants to boost profits, either for their own business or as part of a larger organization’s customer relations department.
An Introduction to Customer Relationship in Management
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Many businesses employ customer relationship management to boost profits but the approach has been refined over the past few decades. This course begins with an overview of that process and identifies its primary drivers. Customer relationship management provides many benefits but comes with its challenges and we explore those trials while finding ways to face and overcome them. We show you how to categorize your customers to serve them more efficiently, using the six-market framework of customer marketing. We then take you through the consumer-centric strategy and conduct an in-class case study of its successful use by Best Buy.

The course then moves on to the theory of ‘co-creation’, an approach used by big companies like Google to help create innovative products. We describe the origin of this process that invites ideas and feedback from customers in order to refine products, thus increasing the company’s market value. We guide you through the principles guiding the many types of co-creation, with examples like Nestle’s transformation of its call centres into ‘insight-market generators’ that find better ways to serve their customers.

One of the major reasons that famous companies such as Google and Nestle are so successful is that they have applied various customer relationship management models to how they deliver their products or services and understand that customers are co-creators of value to a company. This course can polish your customer relations skills, which can keep your small business ahead of the competition or help you rise in a large company. Whatever your role, keeping the public satisfied is always beneficial and this course can help you maintain a healthy back and forth between you and your customers.

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