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An Introduction to Construction Planning and Operating Equipment

In this free online course, learn about the processes involved in Construction Planning and Operating Equipment.

Publisher: NPTEL
In this free online course, learn how to estimate the equipment ownership costs using the average annual investment method and select the right equipment for specific projects. The art of avoiding financial losses as a result of idle time and project delays through the use of equipment utilization plans will also be discussed in great detail. Boost your construction planning knowledge and skills by studying this comprehensive course.
An Introduction to Construction Planning and Operating Equipment
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Are you looking to become an expert at choosing suitable machines for the different construction projects you will be bidding for? This course will allow you to effectively implement all the components in the equipment planning process, taking into account all the stages of the equipment’s life cycle. Gain insight into the factors that will guide you when deciding whether to acquire standard or special equipment for a particular project. This knowledge is critical because it will affect the overall project and how easily you can dispose of that equipment once the project is finished. You will learn how to balance the performance of a machine with the production cost associated with that machine, thereby ensuring that you chose the correct machine for that particular project. Discover that the best choice of equipment you will make is the one that completes the assignment according to the specifications, within the allotted time and at the lowest cost possible.

At first, you will be introduced to the general equipment planning guidelines and equipment selection factors that influence the choice of equipment. This guide is a crucial step because it will help you become economically competitive as a constructor by ensuring that your equipment is mechanically and technologically viable. What could be the value of figuring out the working space limitations before securing the equipment? This question will be clarified in this course. Mastering this aspect of equipment planning will ensure that you avoid any losses incurred from wrong equipment choices. Discover the importance of analysing the conditions of the job site, especially taking into account the altitude. At higher elevations, turbo-charged engines may be a better choice since naturally aspirated internal combustion engines are less efficient and slow under those circumstances. You will be able to select interdependent machines in such a way that minimises idle time and maximises their versatility.

Next, you will learn about the significance of estimation costs and the different accounting methods used to estimate the depreciation of the equipment. What is the importance of assessing the costs associated with owning a machine? You will find out that the knowledge of cost estimation will help you manage your equipment profitably and help you prepare for project bids. Gain insight into operating costs classified as variable costs as they depend on the type of equipment, its usage, and the nature of working conditions. Finally, you will study the uniform series present worth factor, equipment selection factors, planning equipment utilisation, equipment cost estimation, and how to switch between depreciation methods. This course will be of interest to civil engineers, project planners, or students interested in learning about construction planning and profitable equipment management. Why wait? Start this course today and become a construction and equipment management expert.

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