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Amazon Web Services: Intermediate

This free training course covers the operations of auto scaling and other services in AWS with certification available.

Publisher: Workforce Academy Partnership
This intermediate-level course on Amazon Web Services (AWS) teaches you about the features of auto-scaling as well as elastic, classic, and application load balancers. AWS Lambda is a way to perform server-less operations and this course will teach you about its importance. You will also learn about cloud formation in AWS. Start this course today to master the Amazon Relational Database Services (Amazon RDS).
Amazon Web Services: Intermediate
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This training course with optional certification has been specially designed to introduce you to Amazon’s platform for providing on-demand cloud computing and APIs to individuals, companies, and governments. It highlights the features and benefits of various components of auto-scaling as a function in Amazon Web Services. The elastic, classic and application load balancers will also be covered. Amazon Web Services Lambda is available on the AWS platform and completing this course will help you understand its serverless, event-driven operations. The features and operations of the Elastic BeanStalk will also be covered.

See how the Amazon Relational Database Services (Amazon RDS) runs ‘in the cloud’ to simplify the setup, operation, and scaling of a relational database. An understanding of the working operations of the Amazon RDS is needed if you want to use this service. The EC2 and RDS are services under AWS. However, you will need to learn about the differences in the working operations in order to use these services. Aside from the use of relational databases, nonrelational databases are also available. An example of a nonrelational database is DynamoDB, which you will learn about. Completing this course will also help you learn about the operations of the ElastiCache. You will also be able to identify the two open-source engines supported by ElastiCache. Amazon Redshift is another service under AWS and you study how secure it is.

Furthermore, the material will teach you about the concept and functions of cloud formation in AWS. You will also learn about the functions, as well as the relationship between templates and stacks. CloudWatch is an important part of Amazon Web Services which you will need to understand in order to apply it appropriately in any given situation. There are different events and logs that occur in CloudWatch and this course will help you understand their functions and features. CloudTrail can be used to monitor AWS API calls. However, in order to use it efficiently, you will need to know about the two trail types available. Data migration is possible when you understand the operations of the AWS Migration Hub. Understand how centralized tracking, migration flexibility, and improved visibility can be done on the hub. When you complete this course, you will be able to identify the functions, features and importance of the Application Discovery Service, Database Migration Service (DMS) and the Server Migration Service (SMS). This course will be of great interest to computer science students, developers and solutions architects with an interest in understanding AWS better. So, register for this course and start your next learning journey today. Optional certification is available on completion.

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