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Alphabets A to E in English for Thai and Russian Speakers

This free online course will teach you the names, sounds, and symbols of the first five letters of the English alphabet.

Publisher: Teacher Vlad
Did you know that formed and naming letters are the cornerstone of reading and writing capacities, which differentiate quickly between visually similar letters and their sound correspondence? This course will help you learn English from scratch by providing simple, engaging and very efficient practices. The letters A, B, C, D, and E will be explored, along with their sounds and several new words and phrases that incorporate them.
Alphabets A to E in English for Thai and Russian Speakers
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Have you ever attempted to study the English alphabet, which appears simple at first glance but reveals the various ways of uttering each letter, some of which may not exist in your mother tongue? This course will clear your doubts and turn studying the English alphabet into a pleasurable experience. You will learn through looking at visuals, hearing letters and words, and repeating them. You will also discover new symbols in transcriptions, including the pronunciations of letters that start with 'A' and conclude with 'E.'

At the outset, we will explain the letter A and its diverse phonetics in words like car, bad, and label. Following that, you will comprehend the ways of reading the letter 'B' and the phrases that contain it. In addition, you will learn about the letter 'C' and the three distinct sounds it makes in words like city, cat, and chair. After that, you will discover the phonetics of the letter 'D'. Finally, the course explains the letter E and shows how to pronounce it as part of a group of letters such as e+r, e+re, or double 'e.'

This course entails everything you need to learn the alphabet. Several repetitions and activities will help you read, write and remember the first five letters of the English alphabet. After completing the course, you will recognize letters, compose words and phrases based on what the speaker says, and translate English words into your original language. Knowing the alphabet is essential for evolving your reading skills and increasing your confidence in your English ability. Allow the course 'Alphabet A to E in English for Thai and Russian Speakers' to assist you in developing letter knowledge by expanding control over letters and sounds.

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