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Advancing Your Interpersonal Skills

Learn how to manage group dynamics, and develop your negotiation skills and assertiveness with this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online advanced interpersonal skills course will teach you about various techniques and strategies for building your soft skills in the workplace. Learn how to improve group dynamics, negotiate like an expert, become more assertive for effective communication, improve body language and overcome stage fright. Start this course today and boost your interpersonal skills to interact with others!
Advancing Your Interpersonal Skills
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Upscale your interpersonal skillset with this free course, "Advancing Your Interpersonal Skills". This course aims at teaching guaranteed strategies for developing your core soft interpersonal communication skills to help you achieve productivity and maintain productive relationships. This course begins by analyzing the characteristics of team dynamics, the theories and stages of group dynamics, and the challenges of groupthink.

Then, you will study the performance anxiety disorder which results in stage fright as well as the causes of stage fright and the strategies for overcoming stage fright. Next, you will learn about the Death by PowerPoint phenomenon in presentations and effective ways to avoid it. Finally, you will discuss techniques for becoming a better negotiator and how to improve your interpersonal skills for effective communication in interpersonal relationships.

This free course from Alison will unravel ways of building a strong interpersonal skillset to enable you to maintain healthier relationships in and out of the workplace. This course is ideal for students, researchers, and professionals who are interested in improving their interpersonal relations. Start this course today and advance your interpersonal skills set to a professional standard.

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