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Advanced Diploma in VMware Ultimate Bootcamp vSphere 4

This free online course outlines basic to advanced aspects of VMware's vSphere 4 relevant to VM training and management.

Publisher: Workforce Academy Partnership
This is an advanced course specially prepared for various categories of virtualization learners including technical specialists and senior solutions engineers. The information is presented to help you become an expert in using, managing, troubleshooting, and teaching different aspects of VMware’s version 4 of vSphere. Begin your learning in the world of virtual machines today!
Advanced Diploma in VMware Ultimate Bootcamp vSphere 4
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    10-15 Hours
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This carefully designed course allows you to combine various terms and concepts common to virtual machines (VM) along with important hands-on learning tools. This includes comprehensive labs together with practice quizzes, making you a master at virtualization, optimization and other related technologies relevant to data. Great importance is also attached to your ability to apply updated concepts and warnings particular to vSphere 4. Also, reasons for machine virtualization together with the advantages and disadvantages expected in operating virtual machines are outlined. Completing modules and passing required assessments for this VMware course will enable you to apply concepts and skills in medium to large data centers using sophisticated virtual machines to manage information. Learners who sign up will study aspects of VMware’s vSphere 4 on conventions as well as steps for planning, installing, and managing ESX servers.

This course also offers you guidance on alternative certifications with its respective exams like the CVE 4 exam relevant to the computer industry. Such certifications increase your qualifications for better jobs in the virtualization space. Various learning outcomes are specified for recognizing the applications and management of ESX and ESXi Server to the general VMware infrastructure. It also evaluates different tools along with their methods for configurations, licensing, backup, installations and disaster recovery related to virtual machines. Also, specific aspects of both ESX and ESXi related to VMware are described. Do your interests in virtual machines exceed management, configuration, troubleshooting and other related aspects? Then enrol today to learn all about creating different virtual machines together with their adaptable hardware as well as their numerous variants available on the market.

On successful completion of this diploma, you should be able to discuss various concepts surrounding the proper use of virtual machine snapshots. Other features and functionalities described include the popular Super User Do (SUDO), Substitute User (SU), and Active Directory (AD). You will also be introduced to the various applications of user roles and the different privileges attached to them. Are you involved with large-scale data and numerous computer machines in a mid or large organization for business processes requiring optimization? Then, recommend that your technical staff and IT management team enrol in this free course to improve their effectiveness in managing and correctly handling your important business data. Also, reduce the cost of procuring more computers when multiple employees can use a single one for similar functions and departmental tasks using virtual machines. In addition, staff can have their own safe, secure, and private virtual machines on selected departmental computer machines running multiple virtual machines. Begin your journey in learning all about VMware’s vSphere 4 today!

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