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Additive Manufacturing Architecture

Refine your 3D printing insights and proficiency with this free online course on Additive Manufacturing Architecture.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course on Additive Manufacturing Architecture will provide you with a comprehensive insight into 3D printing. The manufacturing industry has evolved and now requires advanced processes and cutting-edge technologies, like Additive Manufacturing (AM), to meet production goals. This course will give you the required knowledge and proficiency of AM procedures to achieve these goals and excel in your manufacturing career.
Additive Manufacturing Architecture
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This free online course on Additive Manufacturing Architecture begins with an overview of the applications of Additive Manufacturing (AM) such as Prototyping, Tooling, and Part Repairs. These applications would give you an idea of what AM is used for, and the categories under which each of the Applications falls. Then, you will examine the different AM materials there are and the parameters that influence their properties. Much focus will be placed on Metal Powder as an Additive Manufacturing material, discussing how they are manufactured, their testing techniques, their process flow-chart, and their various chemical compositions. Also, several things to consider when selecting the material for Additive Manufacturing are briefly discussed.

Next, You will consider some important Laser Powder Bed Fusion (which is one popular method of Additive Manufacturing) parameters, examining their interactions and effects in Additive Manufacturing.  Subsequently, an elaborate discussion about Quality in Additive Manufacturing will be delivered, identifying all angles and requirements concerning production quality in order to satisfy customer expectations. Other areas such as certifications by governing bodies e.g. NADCAP, material safety data sheets (MSDS) and their contents, powder management, powder re-use, and mixing rules, etc. will also be discussed.

Finally, you will analyze the Extrusion Based AM, which is another method of additive manufacturing. This will include a discussion on topics like the Direct and the Bowden extrusion methods, sectoral spreads of extrusion AM interventions and their applications, stringing of molten filament and support structure, etc. Afterward, you will explore the metal powder characterization and manufacturing techniques, as well as a discussion on metal injection moulding, powder properties and requirements, some challenges in AM industry, and some practical case studies from notable companies. There is adequate and satisfactory information contained in this course that will help hone your additive manufacturing/3D printing skills.  So why wait? start this course today!

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