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Acoustics: Sound Waves and Propagation

Learn about sound propagation in fluids, discuss sound power, sound intensity and boundaries in this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online sound propagation course introduces you to sound waves, their different properties, and how they propagate and are influenced by different mediums and boundaries. You will study the harmonic plane wave in particular and will learn to solve a variety of problems and equations. You will also learn about sound power, sound intensity, sound fields at medium surfaces, alongside standing waves and modes.
Acoustics: Sound Waves and Propagation
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This free online course on Sound Waves and Propagation will introduce you to the world of sound and its many uses and laws that govern it. You will study the propagation of sound waves in fluids and how they interact with various mediums. You will study harmonic plane waves and learn the equations and calculations of particle velocity and wave numbers.

Next, you will study the intensity and power of sound and how to manipulate them, as well as manipulating sound fields and how they interact with surface boundaries. This course will also deal with the basic terminology of sound waves and concentrates particularly on the transmission of standing waves.

Finally, you will study Snell's Law and wave refraction, which is a major part of all wave study, from the electromagnetic spectrum to sound waves. Snell's Law allows you to calculate angles of refraction with different mediums and the angle of incident of the waves. Undergraduates and post graduates alike, with a passion for acoustics will enjoy this course.

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