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Acoustics: Sound Absorbing Materials

Learn how Sound Absorbing Materials work and their many uses in architecture and industry in this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course introduces you to Acoustic Sound Absorbers and their different classifications and uses; from Industrial noise control to home soundproofing. You will be introduced to Panel and Porous Sound Absorbers and learn about the fundamentals of Sound Absorption. This course will be of interest to those who enjoy the mechanical, industrial, and sound engineering fields and have a passion for science and mathematics.
Acoustics: Sound Absorbing Materials
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This free online course on Sound Absorbing Materials introduces you to the study of Acoustic Absorbing Materials and their applications in both industrial and home soundproofing and will teach you to control environmental noise. The study of electromagnetic waves and acoustic waves dates back centuries. In this regard, acoustic materials which are materials that are designed to manipulate soundwaves, are of prime importance.

Next, you will learn about sound absorbing materials and how their performance is measured using the Sound Absorption Coefficient and Noise Reduction Coefficient. You will also learn Macroscopic physical properties of absorbers and their advantages and limitations. You will be shown the fundamentals of panel absorbers and their working principles. You will also be introduced to the natural frequency of panel absorbers and you will learn the fundamentals of the Helmholtz Resonator.

Finally, you will learn about Porous-Fibrous Absorbers and Panel Absorbers, Absorption Coefficients and Natural Frequencies. By studying this course, you will have a distinct advantage in understanding these latest materials and how they can be applied in day to day life. Undergraduates and post graduates alike, with a passion for acoustics, science and mathematics, will enjoy this course. Start this course today and be at the cutting edge of science as you learn the latest state of the art research in the acoustic materials and metamaterial fields.

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