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A Beginners Guide to JavaScript

Learn how to use JavaScript with practical examples so you can enhance your coding abilities in this free online course.

Publisher: Juan Galvan
In this free online introductory course to JavaScript, you will learn how to utilize this programming language to enhance the look and functionality of your webpage. This practical, yet simple course, is created for those with no former education or experience with JavaScript. JavaScript is becoming increasingly popular in creating websites today, and as such, there is a demand for web developers with JavaScript experience.
A Beginners Guide to JavaScript
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    6-10 Hours
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This course, A Beginners Guide to JavaScript, is an interactive course that teaches the basic rules and guides to excel at the JavaScript programming language. You will learn what JavaScript is and the vast number of job opportunities that exist within this industry. This course provides practical coding challenges and solutions. You’ll discover the different online platforms that can assist you should you experience any difficulties when practising on your own. This course seeks to take a newbie from beginner to intermediate level where the knowledge of JavaScript is concerned.

As a JavaScript web developer, you will be highly compensated for work completed. A web developer does not necessarily need to work for a company. Therefore this course also provides you with the opportunity to become self-employed. Are you inspired to transform your hobby into a lucrative business? The exciting aspect of this course is that you do not have to leave the comfort of your home to acquire this skill. Enrol in this course and develop a new skill that is in demand. It also provides you with resources that you can use to hone your skills after completing this course. There are also numerous web developers and prospective developers like yourself in different online communities that are more than happy to assist you at any time.

The JavaScript programming language has been around for a few years and is increasing in popularity. Many big tech companies like Walmart, Netflix and Groupon are already using JavaScript. This programming language is very versatile. Most businesses are now offering as many products and services online as is possible. This service means that many companies require interactive websites to cater to their clients’ needs. Many jobs are being lost due to the Covid 19 pandemic, seemingly not leaving us anytime soon. A career in web development is a great opportunity. This course ensures that you not only have a job but with a JavaScript background and or experience; you’ve also increased your marketability. Your knowledge of JavaScript can make you a successful, thriving entrepreneur overnight. Are you contemplating a profession in web development? This course will present you with all the means to get started on your journey. So don’t delay; start today!

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