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500 Common Words in the English Language

Build your English vocabulary with 500 common words and improve your language skills in this free online English course.

Publisher: Ahmad Rabiee
500 Common Words in the English Language is a free course for beginners in English. You will learn five hundred vocabulary words that will give you a good foundation in your journey to becoming a fluent and confident communicator in English, whether in writing or speaking. This English speaking course is structured to introduce you to some common English words, stories, and exercises based on the words to foster understanding.
500 Common Words in the English Language
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The basis for good communication is expressing yourself clearly. Words represent thoughts and meaning, and the more words you know, the easier it will be to express yourself in writing or speech. This course will introduce you to 500 vocabulary words common to native speakers of English which are high-frequency words that commonly occur on various levels and in a wide range of subjects such as science, business, arts, etc. By taking this basic English course, you will gain a good foundation for communicating well in the English language.

The course has 25 lessons, each teaching 20 words and the content uses pictures and words to help you recall words and their meanings easily. Each lesson is immediately followed by a story that uses the words learned to further deepen your understanding and their application in the proper context. You will learn the grammatical forms of the words, with exercises in order to practice what you have learned and improve your comprehension and speech.

Some titles of the stories you will read are The Starfish, Princess Rose and the Creature, The Friendly Ghost, and many more. These are fictional stories and folklore that help you remember the meaning of the words as they are used in writing. A little booklet containing the list of words and the stories has been included in the resource section of the course to help you continue practicing what you have learnt. This course is for beginners in English who are seeking to gain confidence in speaking fluently and writing well whether it is for business purposes or if you are looking to travel to English-speaking countries and want to improve your ability to communicate.

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