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XSIQ was an Australian interactive multimedia corporation set up to develop industry leading interactive multimedia content for the Australian high school education market. The company is no longer in business and Alison purchased all of XSIQ's multimedia learning assets in 2009 in order to make them available as free online courses.

All XSIQ courses are based on the company's highly regarded and well presented learning material, which has been translated into courses that provide excellent complementary educational resources for a wide range of high school level subjects taught around the world. Alison's team of publishing experts have edited and added to the learning content where appropriate. Alison works with a variety of educational bodies worldwide to create content for complementary learning in various different countries and educational jurisdictions.

From grammar to accounting to biology, XSIQ courses are a great resource for anyone looking to gain a solid grounding, or refresh their knowledge, in a fascinating range of subjects.

Free, Online Courses Created by XSIQ

  • Certificate Fundamentals of Human Resources

    Fundamentals of Human Resources

    1.5-3 hrs
    Learn about the employment cycle, recruitment, and training with this free online human resources course.
  • Diploma Diploma in Health Studies

    Diploma in Health Studies

    10-15 hrs
    Learn about important global issues affecting diet, nutrition, and women's health with this free online course.
  • Diploma Diploma in Legal Studies

    Diploma in Legal Studies

    10-15 hrs
    Using case-studies and real life examples, this free course will give you a strong understanding of the legal system.
  • Diploma Diploma in Basic English Grammar

    Diploma in Basic English Grammar

    6-10 hrs
    Take this basic English grammar course and improve your understanding of both written and spoken English.
  • Certificate Fundamentals of Project Management

    Fundamentals of Project Management

    1.5-3 hrs
    Learn how to successfully manage any project and understand important project phases and project management tools.
  • Diploma Diploma in Psychology

    Diploma in Psychology

    6-10 hrs
    Gain a greater understanding of the theory, behavior and ethical issues behind key concepts in psychology.
  • Certificate Basics of Corporate Management

    Basics of Corporate Management

    1.5-3 hrs
    Learn how to successfully manage change within a large, dynamic organization with this free corporate management course.
  • Certificate Fundamentals of Accounting

    Fundamentals of Accounting

    1.5-3 hrs
    Learn the basics of accounting principles and how to analyse financial accounts, with this free online course.
  • Diploma Diploma in Project Management

    Diploma in Project Management

    10-15 hrs
    This free online diploma course teaches you how to implement project phases like a professional that gets things done.
  • Certificate Fundamentals of Operations Management

    Fundamentals of Operations Management

    1.5-3 hrs
    Discover the relationship between operations, productivity, and competitiveness with this operations management course.
  • Certificate Fundamentals of Financial Accounting

    Fundamentals of Financial Accounting

    1.5-3 hrs
    Learn how to record, classify, and summarize your business transactions correctly with this financial accounting course.
  • Diploma Diploma in Business Management and Entrepreneurship

    Diploma in Business Management and Entrepreneurship

    15-20 hrs
    Gain an extensive knowledge of the key principles for a successful company with this business management course.
  • Diploma Diploma in Biology

    Diploma in Biology

    4-5 hrs
    Gain a better understanding of how humans, animals, and plants interact with each other with this free biology course.
  • Certificate Psychology - Memory and Cognition

    Psychology - Memory and Cognition

    3-4 hrs
    Learn more about the key concepts of memory and cognition with this free online psychology course from Alison.
  • Certificate Psychology - Biology and Behaviour

    Psychology - Biology and Behaviour

    3-4 hrs
    Learn about the relationship between stress and diseases with this free course on biology and human behavior psychology.
  • Certificate Psychology - Research Methodology

    Psychology - Research Methodology

    3-4 hrs
    Gain a greater understanding of the theories and ethical issues behind key psychology concepts with this free course.
  • Diploma Diploma in General Science

    Diploma in General Science

    10-15 hrs
    Learn about the main principles and concepts of biology, physics, and chemistry, with this free general science course.
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