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Valentina Soo Beng Ann is a respected executive with a wealth of experience in management, sales, marketing, and event planning. Since starting her career in publishing in 2020, she has accumulated more than two decades of experience, establishing herself as a highly skilled professional in the educational sector. Valentina's unwavering dedication to making quality education accessible is evident in her significant contributions to Alison.

With an Executive MBA, Valentina possesses expertise in coaching educators, organising workshops, and curating related services and events in schools. Her passion for education motivates her to develop courses that not only inform but also inspire educators to excel in their teaching practices. She is committed to creating an environment in which teachers can thrive and students can benefit from enhanced learning experiences.

As a Course Publisher, Valentina provides a range of services that cater to the evolving needs of the educational community. Her initiatives at Alison include designing courses that have a lasting impact and are always relevant, ensuring that learners and educators have access to essential knowledge and skills. Through her efforts, Valentina plays a crucial role in furthering Alison's mission to empower individuals through education.

Free, Online Courses Created by VALENTINA SOO BENG ANN 蘇姳嫣

  • Certificate Unlock Your MBA Potential: Leadership and Management Mastery

    Unlock Your MBA Potential: Leadership and Management Mastery

    1.5-3 hrs
    Unlock MBA success and master key leadership and management fundamentals with this free online course.
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