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Skill Boost Hub has been dedicated to empowering individuals and organisations with knowledge that transcends time. We started our journey with a vision to democratise education, and now Skill Boost Hub has quickly evolved into a trusted name in the online learning sphere. We currently operate in the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates, along with satellite offices in South Asia. Skill Boost Hub stands as a beacon of accessible, effective, and timeless online education.

Skill Boost Hub possesses a deep understanding of the evolving needs of learners worldwide with a diverse background rooted in education and technology. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our ever-expanding repertoire of high-quality courses designed to foster personal and professional growth. We strive to employ some of the cutting-edge research in learning design in our courses, which, in turn, equips our learners with their desired knowledge in an accessible format.

Skill Boost Hub offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to cater to the diverse learning requirements of its audience. From skill-focused courses crafted by industry experts to in-depth masterclasses that unlock new horizons, this hub of knowledge leaves no stone unturned. Moreover, our dedication to learner success is underscored by a supportive community and personalised learning pathways, wherever possible, ensuring that every individual reaches their full potential.

Free, Online Courses Created by Skill Boost Hub

  • Certificate Basics of Calligraphy

    Basics of Calligraphy

    4-5 hrs
    This free online calligraphy course explains how to use flourishing, pen holds and other elegant tools and techniques.
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