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Sanjeev Kumar is a Bachelor of commerce graduate who is passionate about offering educational content through the Internet. He specializes in business studies but has also partnered with experienced engineers to supplement and broaden his content coverage. Born and raised in India, Sanjeev has been doing high-quality video content for the last 12 years.

Armed with a passion for teaching and providing high-quality training materials, Sanjeev works with a pool of engineers who have practiced for the last 20 years to share their industry-related practical experience through online learning platforms.

Sanjeev and his partners provide full-time industrial training to students. He aims at filling in the gap that exists between college and university learning and the industry. Through his training initiative – myexcelclass, Sanjeev tries to go beyond the typical classroom teaching and offer specific skills for any interested parties. He believes that all the existing industry experience should be shared equally with upcoming professionals.

Free, Online Courses Created by Sanjeev Kumar

  • Certificate Google SketchUp 2019 Essentials

    Google SketchUp 2019 Essentials

    3-4 hrs
    Learn how to use Google Sketchup 2019 to create 3D models in various fields in this free online 3D modeling course.
  • Certificate Power System Analysis Using ETAP

    Power System Analysis Using ETAP

    5-6 hrs
    In this free online course, learn the ETAP electrical software in load and power analysis for optimal capacity placement
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