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Reşat Ören is a polyglot who speaks five languages, which are English, Turkish, German, Spanish and French. He was born in Germany and grew up in a Turkish household. He started developing multiple language skills by the age of four when he started reading and writing, and learning the Turkish, English and German alphabets as well as their differences at once. His grandfather taught him to read Arabic at the age of six. Thus, his interest in languages was there from the very beginning because he grew up trilingual, speaking Turkish at home, German in school and watching English TV shows.

Reşat started teaching English to his classmates and students in lower grades in high school. From 2016 to 2019 he studied international business law and management in three different languages (English, Spanish and German) in Recklinghausen, Germany. In college, he started a voluntary integration course for refugees, where he taught German. In 2019 he moved to Turkey, where he realised that there is a big demand for Turkish and thus also started giving lessons in Turkish.

Ever since he has been giving lessons to both individuals as well as companies. Due to demand, he started a YouTube channel talking about various languages and language acquisition, in general, using his own methodology.

Free, Online Courses Created by Reşat Ören

  • Certificate Learning Turkish

    Learning Turkish

    3-4 hrs
    This free online course is a beginner’s guide to learning the Turkish language appropriately and successfully.
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