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Parminder Singh has worked as a legal officer and branch manager with an insurance company owned by the government of India. Partner Puneet has also worked with a government department. Both of them took voluntary retirement and have started providing online education to students.

They take pride in providing quality educational services and their aim is to ensure that the students are able to understand each and every question in an easy way.

They strive to provide education free of cost, keeping in mind the hardships faced by those students whose parents cannot afford to pay for courses. Their goal is to help the leaders of tomorrow learn to succeed today.

Free, Online Courses Created by Prabh Kirpa Classes

  • Certificate Diary and Invitation Writing

    Diary and Invitation Writing

    3-4 hrs
    This free online course explores fundamental techniques used to write diary entries and invitation letters.
  • Certificate Forms of Business Organisations

    Forms of Business Organisations

    1.5-3 hrs
    Develop an understanding of the different kinds of business organisations with this free online course on Alison.com.
  • Certificate Writing Emails and Taking Notes

    Writing Emails and Taking Notes

    1.5-3 hrs
    Enhance your ability to write effective emails and take useful notes in this free online administration course.
  • Certificate Understanding Future, Past and Present Tenses

    Understanding Future, Past and Present Tenses

    4-5 hrs
    This free online English course covers the fundamental grammar principles for the past, present and future tense.
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