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Nicolas Swijngedau has been a creature artist for the video game industry for more than five years. He has worked on numerous games and currently works on the Final Fantasy franchise in Tokyo, Japan.

Nicolas has been creating popular resources and tools for artists on various platforms for a few years now and has been featured in multiple magazines and websites such 3D Artist magazine and 80Lvl. He is an Artstation Marketplace top seller.

The goal of Nicolas's courses is to help the student start out their career by teaching step-by-step, easy-to-follow courses as well as giving professional advice and insights into the video game industry. His courses are perfect for beginner and intermediate students looking to improve their skills and land their dream job!

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  • Certificate ZBrush: Sculpting A 3D Dragon

    ZBrush: Sculpting A 3D Dragon

    3-4 hrs
    Master key techniques to skillfully create a high-quality dragon using ZBrush and Photoshop in this free online course.
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