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Meghana, the head of training at NextGen HR, is an expert in all aspects of HRM (human resource management), training and development. She is truly passionate about human resource management and wishes to reach worldwide students with NextGen HR's online courses. The NextGen HR Academy provides world-class training programmes for students and working professionals across the globe in the areas of HRM, payroll management and HR analytics.

Meghana has an MBA in human resources management and more than 12 years of hands-on experience working on end-to-end HRM functions. In her previous role, she trained more than 600 entry- and mid-level professionals on various HRM and payroll topics at Paysquare Consultancy. Having managed end-to-end HRM and payroll functions at different companies like Aviva Life Insurance, and Maverick Infotec, she is equipped with the right expertise to train and mentor upcoming and working professionals in HRM. She has won various awards for her multi-tasking and training skills at Paysquare and Aviva Life Insurance, in addition to winning the hearts of thousands of students across the world with her simplified training methodology.

Services provided by NextGen HR Academy include online training programmes in all aspects of human resource management including payroll and recruitment management.

Free, Online Courses Created by NextGen HR

  • Certificate HRM - The Ultimate Employee Onboarding Guide with 4C's

    HRM - The Ultimate Employee Onboarding Guide with 4C's

    1.5-3 hrs
    Learn how to quickly get newly hired employees up and running with this free online course on onboarding.
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