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Maja Ferina Shapteva is a branding, design and dropshipping expert. She started learning Web design and in a very short time, she was working as a Web designer. Her passion for design got her into dropshipping. When she realised that she could build stunning websites that convert well, she knew that dropshipping is her best choice to generate an even bigger income.

Maja's work has helped a lot of businesses build and establish their online presence. With her skills, she has designed websites for small and medium businesses.

Due to demand, Maja started creating courses so she can help even more people get into the world of dropshipping and design, knowing that this can help everyone get their financial freedom.

Free, Online Courses Created by Maja Ferina Shapteva

  • Certificate Dropshipping and Affiliate Marketing

    Dropshipping and Affiliate Marketing

    3-4 hrs
    Learn the modern business concepts of dropshipping and affiliate marketing in this free online course on Alison.com.
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