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LOGYCA, for more than 35 years, has led the market and innovated through collaborationand the building of business communities. Furthermore, as a pioneer in generating logistic knowledge in Latin America and a leader in innovation within value networks, it has solidified its position as a benchmark in the sector.

In this line of providing logistic solutions and knowledge, logycaX stands out by offering courses on Alison related to the fundamental concepts of logistic processes, barcodes, e-commerce, traceability, last-mile delivery, and electronic invoicing, among others.

These courses are carefully designed to focus on improving processes, optimizing inventory management, and elevating the quality of information and product delivery, thereby strengthening the capabilities of professionals in the logistic field.

Free, Online Courses Created by LOGYCA

  • Certificate

    Fundamentos de LogĂ­stica

    3-4 hrs
    CapacĂ­tese en los principios de la logĂ­stica y aprenda el cumplimiento de la estrategia en este curso gratuito en lĂ­nea.
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