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Dr Saqib Mansoor is an anatomist, having graduated in medicine and having a postgraduate degree in anatomy. He works on the staff of a renowned medical college and has created a large platform on social media, which he has named 'Learning Anatomy', to teach students by making videos on the subject. He grew up in a middle-class family in Gujarat, Pakistan blessed with highly educated parents. His father, Muhammad Mansoor, was a highly educated person, with great knowledge and intellect. A self-made man and politically active, he was known by everyone in the city. Dr Mansoor's mother, Haleema Mansoor, was an educated person with great wisdom and strong religious beliefs. He attributes all his success to the love and prayers of his parents.Dr Saqib Mansoor aced all his examinations and won many gold medals in academics. He did his MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) at King Edward Medical College in Lahore, Pakistan and has also completed his MPhil in anatomy.

Dr Mansoor’s work has a huge impact on learners of anatomy. The videos are created in a unique manner and amazing rare images of high quality are used to make the complex science of anatomy easy to understand. He makes use of various advanced teaching methodologies of medical education in his videos.

Dr Mansoor’s special interests are neuroanatomy and gross anatomy, to which he has devoted his life. He also has a great grasp of histology and embryology. His work on neuroanatomy is lauded all over the world, and he has done extensive work on head and neck gross anatomy. The videos are regularly uploaded on YouTube and various posts are made available on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Learn more about Mansoor’s academic pursuits and his commitment to spreading knowledge of anatomy through his anatomy courses.To learn more about Dr. Mansoor and what they have to offer, take a look at their LinkedIn profile here.

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