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Jake Moraru is a motion designer, elite author on VideoHive and creator of the educational After Effects YouTube channel with over 220 000 subscribers. He is from Ukraine and has worked as a professional motion designer for more than a decade on the most popular Ukrainian TV channel - STB. He started doing VFX (video effects) in 2008 to add a different tool to the motion design toolkit; he calls his unique approach to motion design, ‘Learning while creating something for fun’.

Jake’s work has helped many learn After Effects in its simplest form, which is appreciated around the world through thousands of likes and millions of views on YouTube. He works as a freelancer on documentaries and also collaborates with top creators on social platforms to reach people with great insights about motion design in general.

Due to demand, Jake set up After Effects templates for sale in 2013, providing high-quality After Effects projects for promos, intros, logo reveals, slideshow, VFX and projects that are delivered around the world to help create outstanding videos. Learn more about Jake's motion sesign journey and his commitment to spreading the idea of 'Learning while creating something for fun' by checking out his course on VFX and animation.

Free, Online Courses Created by Jake Moraru

  • Certificate

    Adobe After Effects: Rain Stop Visual Effects for Beginners

    3-4 hrs
    Dive into the exciting world of post-production visual effects, creating incredible results with this free online course
  • Certificate

    Adobe After Effects: Soul Astral and Morbius Teleportation Effects

    3-4 hrs
    This free online course shows you how to use Adobe After Effects to create a video scene of a soul leaving a body.
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