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Harshavardhan Saravanan is a designer and a digital artist. Along with his wife, Cloudia, he founded Harsh and Cloudia Digital Imaging and Design LLP, an independent creative studio in India. He has a degree in visual communication from the University of Madras. His fascination for compelling visual images from childhood has opened great possibilities for him.

Harshavardhan’s artistic ability to create high-quality photorealistic 3D images has helped various brands and creative agencies worldwide create high-quality content for visualisation, advertising, and promotional images. In addition, his creative expertise and passion for teaching have enabled him to teach thousands of students and make wonderful connections globally.

After years of experience working as a 3D designer, with his wife he founded Harsh and Cloudia Digital Imaging and Design LLP in 2020, offering imaging and design services and creative courses in digital art and design. Through his skills, he looks forward to serving brands, businesses, and creative individuals with stunning visuals that create an impact.

Free, Online Courses Created by Harshavardhan Saravanan

  • Certificate

    Getting Started With Blender and 3D Modelling

    3-4 hrs
    This free online course covers the concepts and basics of Blender and 3D modelling required to be a skilful 3D modeller.
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