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The Safety Promote Alliance, started in January 2024 by Erhovwon (Peter) Aggreh and located in Nigeria, West Africa, is a global non-governmental organisation (NGO) that focuses on promoting health, safety, and environmental consciousness in communities through humanitarian services. Its mission includes implementing health and social programmes by providing emergency response to accident and disaster victims. Additionally, the alliance promotes accident and disaster prevention, community well-being enhancement, and environmental conservation through public awareness campaigns, clean-up drives, and tree planting post-disaster.

The visionary behind Safety Promote Alliance, Erhovwon (Peter) Aggreh, with over five years of experience, boasts a wealth of expertise. He holds a bachelor's degree in microbiology and a master's degree in health safety and environmental management, as well as other professional certifications. His seasoned professionalism forms the bedrock of the ethos of the organisation. Additionally, Safety Promote Alliance is bolstered by a diverse team of medical experts, environmental consultants, safety professionals, and educators, delivering tailored solutions to meet diverse beneficiaries' needs.

In line with her mission, Safety Promote Alliance has established an online education niche in health safety and environmental management. They offer free diploma and certificate courses on accident prevention, disaster preparedness, and community safety, as well as professional training in healthcare and allied health fields. These courses comply with international guidelines such as Good Medical Practice (GMP), the GPC framework, the UKPHR code of conduct, UNEP, EPA and WHO and are designed to advance careers and mitigate global healthcare and environmental workforce shortages. The proceeds from course certifications are channelled back into the organisation's humanitarian activities.

Free, Online Courses Created by Safety Promote Alliance

  • Diploma Diploma in Sustainable Development

    Diploma in Sustainable Development

    6-10 hrs
    Unlock the future with our free online course on sustainable development and learn key strategies for a greener world.
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