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Matej Muňko has worked as a building engineer since 2019. During studies, he has spent two years living and studying abroad with different exchange programs like Erasmus. He has seen many people work and use Revit software and how they usually do not use it fully and need help understanding the program. While he was learning himself, he struggled with poor educational materials and, many times, with an overwhelming volume of information. He first started to teach his colleagues in a company. Therefore, he saw the need to prepare a year-long course with many materials for them. That was when he decided to teach others as well, to help move the industry to higher standards.

He has expertise in Revit software – mainly architectural usage, Dynamo visual programming, basics in Python, and Revit API. He is also an Autodesk Certified Revit Professional, demonstrating advanced proficiency in utilizing the software. He has automated many tasks in Revit and has worked on large-scale projects with extensive project teams, reconstruction projects, as well as projects with complicated geometries. Besides Revit software, he has a vast knowledge of the building design process: drawings, details, scheduling, quantification, thermal calculations, basic building acoustics, building lighting, and laws and norms in the Czech Republic.

With his understanding of how Revit software works and what is needed and valuable in the real-world design process, he prepares e-learning courses intending to be as understandable and helpful as possible without too much information overload.

Free, Online Courses Created by Matej Muňko

  • Certificate Revit Course for Beginners

    Revit Course for Beginners

    1.5-3 hrs
    This free online course will give you the introduction to design in Revit 2024 software for absolute beginners.
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