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Elizmay Vos studies at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa and holds an MSc degree in Geoinformatics. She has worked in the GIS (geographic information system) / remote sensing field for over 10 years.

Her experience is mainly in the mining exploration sector, managing geological databases and GIS.

Like all good remote sensing and GIS practitioners, she never forgets the basics and still spends time doing onscreen digitising to keep in touch with the basics of the craft, as well as continuing to study to increase her knowledge.

Free, Online Courses Created by Elizmay Vos

  • Diploma Diploma in Remote Sensing – A Theoretical Approach

    Diploma in Remote Sensing – A Theoretical Approach

    6-10 hrs
    Discover everything you need to know about remote sensing without needing expensive software in this free online course.
  • Diploma Coding for Professional Non-Programmers

    Coding for Professional Non-Programmers

    10-15 hrs
    Supercharge Your Productivity: Python and Notebook Mastery for Non-Programmers in this free online course.
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