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Edina Balczo is an award-winning UK-based guitarist and author who has been playing the guitar for more than 20 years. She is a registered guitar tutor certified by the University of West London (with distinction) and hosts a popular YouTube channel, The Spanish Guitar Hub, which has received millions of views and attracted tens of thousands of subscribers for over a decade.

Edina has been endorsed by GuitarPro (the originator of the GuitarPro scoring/tablature software program), and in 2019 won the Lukas (UK Latin) awards with her guitar duo, De Fuego, named as the best Jazz/Folk Act of the Year. She also plays solo classical/flamenco guitar along with participating in a variety of collaborations with other musicians playing Mexican, pop, Spanish and Latin music.

She is the author of two academic books and teaches online one-to-one lessons on rhythm reading, Spanish/flamenco guitar, improvisations and music theory.

Free, Online Courses Created by Edina Balczo

  • Certificate

    Music Theory: Reading Rhythm

    3-4 hrs
    Master musical rhythm and gain experience in musical notation with this free online music theory course.
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