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Dr. Shama is a leading Positive Psychology Expert. She is the founder of Blisscovery, an internationally accredited learning & development organisation helping individuals & organisations unlock their full potential. She is also the founder of a mental health tech called Mindship, which provides online therapy and mental health solutions for individuals and organisations with the help of expert psychologists, psychiatrists, and mental health professionals.

After spending the last decade working with organisations like Biocon Ltd, IBS Software, Siliconcity College, GIBS MBA School, and thousands of other esteemed clients, including celebrities, she has now taken it upon herself to impact millions of people to live a purposeful and abundant life through the nuances of Positive Psychology. She has international certifications in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, the University of California, Berkeley, as well as a Masters degree in Psychology. In addition to this, she has also had the remarkable honour of being trained and mentored by some of the world’s best coaches like T-Harv Eker (Millionaire Mindset), Clinton Swaine, Mindvalley, Sidra Jafri, Dr. David Lincoln (NLP); Allison Shreeve, Art of living, Isha Foundation & more.

After a significant career switch from being a Dental Surgeon to discovering her passion and re-educating herself to be a Psychologist and a coach, Dr. Shama has found her natural gift of healing people with emotional issues with the help of Positive Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Energy Medicine, and Spirituality. She specialises in guiding individuals to discover their authentic selves and unleash their utmost potential. Additionally, she is an expert in resolving conflicts and addressing issues related to anxiety and depression. Fuelled by her sense of purpose and meaning, she compassionately guides her clients on a journey to heal their minds and hearts, enabling them to manifest their dream lives. Her passion lies in helping individuals realise their true potential, and she measures her success by the success of her clients.

Free, Online Courses Created by Dr. Shama

  • Certificate Inspire Happiness with Advanced Positive Psychology

    Inspire Happiness with Advanced Positive Psychology

    5-6 hrs
    This free online positive psychology course explains how to improve wellbeing by cultivating optimism and resilience.
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