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Dr. David Siguelnitzky, a distinguished Software Developer, Educational Technologist, and Online Learning Designer, is a visionary academic leader with a rich international background. Holding a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Leadership with a focus on Online Education and Educational Technology and a Master's in Educational Technology, his academic credentials are noteworthy. As the former President of Herbert Fletcher University (HFU), Dr. Siguelnitzky achieved significant milestones, including the national recognition of HFU by the Higher Education Office of Puerto Rico and the institution's global exposure. With extensive experience in roles such as Director of Instructional Operations and Associate Professor, he has actively contributed to developing educational technologies in various international settings. Dr. Siguelnitzky's commitment to leadership development and education, coupled with prestigious advisory roles in institutions like Dominican University and Linda Vista University, reflects his dedication to advancing the field.

David Siguelnitzky, a seasoned professional with decades of experience in software development, data analysis, and technological education, possesses a diverse skill set that extends from MT4 programming and Looker Studio to Python and R languages. His proficiency in managing trading accounts and VPS, combined with his expertise in tools like Slack, Google Suite, and Microsoft Visual Studio, reflects a comprehensive software and data management approach. As an independent contractor and consultant since May 2019, David has demonstrated his commitment to excellence in remote work, particularly in trading robots' analysis, programming, and maintenance. Notably, his role as Chief Operating Manager at Herbert Fletcher University in Puerto Rico highlights his strategic leadership, budget management, and success in fostering a positive learning environment. Additionally, his contributions as a Virtual Campus Coordinator for the Inter-American Education Center and Lecturer at the University of the Southern Caribbean underscore his commitment to advancing education and technology.

David Siguelnitzky, a professional with years of experience in data analysis, software development, and technological education, offers a range of services as an independent contractor and remote consultant. His services encompass comprehensive data analysis, accounts management, customer consultancy, and related tasks. David's commitment to excellence is evident in his work as the Chief Operating Manager at Herbert Fletcher University in Puerto Rico, where he provided strategic guidance and successfully managed budgets and resources. His role as a Virtual Campus Coordinator for the Inter-American Education Center further highlights his proficiency in overseeing software maintenance, backup management, technical support, and VC registration. With a wealth of experience in teaching, training, and technical support, David brings a unique blend of skills, creativity, and learning ability to deliver high-quality services remotely.

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    Masterclass de EA Builder: Programación de Robots para Trading

    5-6 hrs
    Este curso gratis te enseñará cómo transformar estrategias de trading en robots: Programación, pruebas y ejecución.
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